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Keep the Faith

La Belle Dame Sans Merci

Ni Leannain

I'm a Network Security professional with two grown children and a teenager. I live in the National Capital (USA) region with my third husband, our sons, and three cats. I'm a published technical author in my field and I'm currently working on a couple of different sf/f novels.

This journal has been friends only for several years now. I'm not naive enough to think that this makes its contents "secure", but I think that it covers my butt to some extent to have it this way.

As far as the content goes, this journal is by me, about me, for me. I'm not going to censor myself, and for the most part I'm not going to use cut tags either (exceptions to that would be long quizzes/surveys or lots of large pictures, both of which are pretty rare). If the post is long because I have a lot to say, I'm not going to cut it, so please don't bother asking.

All material in this journal copyright 2001 - 2016 Mary Ursula Herrmann. Do not distribute without permission. THAT MEANS DO NOT CROSSPOST YOUR COMMENTS HERE TO OTHER SERVICES.

Special notice: My "grief" icon uses a base by proverbial_icon; my "nienna" icon was made by yll; my "drawmah" icon was made by darkwolf69; my "maenads" icon was made my elliriel; my "whoa" icon was made by yunatwilight; my "lothiedoll-ro" icon was made by roina_arwen, and my "elf crack" icon was made by draloreshimare. My "raised eyebrow" icon comes from Renee Coughlan's One And Only Dolls site and is used with permission. My "wingedelf" icon comes from Diana Harlan Stein's Naiad Studios site and is used with permission. I also snarfed my "lollipop" and "depression" icons from my daughter Diana's shikamachu journal; they were made by her. Thank you!

HEY LJ STAFF! Check the entry dated 6/28/78 for my contact info, should it be necessary.